The vision for Calvary Chapel Surfing Association began in early 1982, following a brief encounter between a pastor at Calvary Chapel of Seal Beach (now Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast) and a Christian NSSA surfer who had just won a Seal Beach surf contest.  That encounter led to the formation of Team Calvary, a team comprised of some very accomplished Christian surfers.

While Team Calvary was successful but short-lived, some of its members were struck with a vision and desire to promote quality amateur surf contests throughout Southern California.  After a successful trial-run contest in the summer of August 1984, we decided, “If this is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”  And so the CCSA was born.  Since that time we have offered both the Summer ‘Open Series’ and the Winter ‘High School Team Challenge’ events every year.

To begin we bought contest equipment, created a format, trained judges, contacted officials, designed a logo, and printed entry forms.  Then, in the autumn of 1984, the CCSA had its first official surf contest.  Now, over 35 years later, our primary objective remains the same: to provide quality local surf contests based on Christian principles and good sportsmanship, all in an atmosphere that is both competitive and caring.

CCSA now features ISA priority surfing heats for U-14 and U-16 competitors with instructional sessions by pro surfers.

A Collection over the years.