Calvary Chapel Surfing Association was established in 1984 and is an outreach of Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast.  Our purpose is to provide quality amateur surf contests and surfing events throughout the year with a Christ-centered Focus.  CCSA is a ISA Affiliate.  Our ‘Summer Open Series’ now features priority surfing heats for U-14 and U-16 competitors and instructional sessions by pro surfers.  All contests are governed by ISA rules and overseen by an ISA Certified Head Judge.

The CCSA has several key goals we strive to achieve.  First and foremost, we seek to glorify God.  For this reason we desire to provide a non-threatening beach atmosphere where amateur surfers can test and hone their skills in a competitive setting.  We thrive on helping young surfers grow in confidence and ability as we encourage all competitors to focus on doing their best, not having to ‘be’ the best.  We seek to create an open, caring community for our contestants and their families, with the ultimate goal of equipping and inspiring each surfer to make a positive impact in our world.

Ultimately, our desire is to share God’s love and His message of hope at our events so participants understand His relevancy in their own lives. Our message is simple: Jesus Christ is our Lord, our God, and our Savior.



Updated Events for 2021February 2021 – Join us

High School Winter Team Challenge

March 13, Goldenwest Street HB
April 3, 9th Street HB
April 24, Southside Pier HB
May 8th Then Banquet CC Pacific Coast

Summer Open Series
June 12, Goldenwest Street HB
July 10 Goldenwest Street HB
August 14, Goldenwest Street HB
Sept 18, Goldenwest Street HB
Oct. 9, Goldenwest Street HB